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2014 Maine GOP Convention

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Sarah & Derek

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Maine Wildlife

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2014 Maine GOP Convention

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Living History Days

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Sarah & Derek

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My Macro World

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Liberty Summit,Old Brick Church, Bangor, Maine

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Wreaths Across America 2012

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Hurricane Sandy

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Johnson Hughes

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Astbury Reception

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CMTPA 08/04/2012

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Carrie & Mike

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Bass Harbor Lobsterboat Races 2012

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boats, people working on boats, sailing, seascapes

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Johnson Wedding

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Estes Wedding

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Farmington Fair Team Penning 2011

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Foster Wedding

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Windsor Fair Team Penning 2011

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Penobscot Narrows Bridge

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Wildlife, flowers, Equine events, Nature and more...

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Team Penning 6/26/2011

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Noddin Portraits

Updated: Aug 24, 2011 1:59pm EDT

Mud Run 7/31/2011

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Mr.& Mrs. Eric Belanger

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Sailing Westward

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Team Penning 5/25/11 at Maple Lane Farms

Competition Team Penning at Maple Lane Farms, Charleston Maine.

Updated: Jun 04, 2011 8:30am EDT

Team Penning Clinic 5/22/11

Beginner's Clinic at Maple Lane Farms, Charleston Me, May 22, 2011

Updated: Jun 03, 2011 5:40pm EDT

Your Bio

Ok, so the way I shoot is all about what's going on right now. The moment is where it's at, and where I find my own creative energy...straight from the source.

I love action. It can be the soft waving of field flowers, the powerful motion of galloping horses, the awesomeness of a stormy sea, or a bee gathering pollen.

Stillness is another thing I love. The calm of morning dew on a petal and the serene satisfaction of the setting sun.

I don't have much use for tripods in preference of holding my breath and using whatever is around me to stabilize. Some would call this undisciplined. Don't get me wrong, I have all the "pods".....but the thrill of it for me is pulling off a shot without one. There isn't much technical about the way I operate in the field.

I'm not much for posing things or people either. In fact, I prefer when you don't know I am shooting you at all... so I often dress in camouflage. (not at weddings of course!)
I position myself accordingly for the best composition, always using my viewfinder. Screens are pretty useless to me.

Photography for me is yet another media for expressing my love of life and everything I find in it. ( I paint too) From the little everyday things we take for granted to the big obvious ones. It's all so fascinating and exciting!

Most gratifying of all, is sharing the way I see things with you. Perhaps you will enjoy it almost as much as I have.
Every picture tells a story..... here are mine.